Här kommer jag att publicera några av mina dikter, texter & foton…


in the normal world


in the world

outside my window

where man takes his woman

and woman

is a woman

born now

not a billion years ago

who forgot what love is


touching a dying bird

or a feather



the smallest one

the softest

putting it in your breastpocket

& man swaying

my words

stopped trailing down

like raindrops

and much later

an other one

came into my life

another feather

from the sky

with wings

and he thought for a while

this was about him

and now of course

he´s there

and here too

all those skies

sheltering desert


dreams & reality

forever one

if I want too

the earth

isn´t there


if you don´t believe in it

take som words

from the wall

sometimes the moon is hiding

après nous le déluge

going back

to lace & velvet

old worlds

new associations

just mentioned

or remembered

just emotions

or magnetic fields

and sometimes

the moon is hiding

behind some grey clouds

 it is

it is

and now it takes me

over some green hills

and beyond

all that sand

even castles

rain & mist

and back again

travelling through different countries

in my soul

with my body

with my hands

my lips

my tongue


how did it start

what was the title

what was the name


grow grow

is this a letter?

to myself?

where did the words go?

take another wall

on a rainy sunday afternoon

four roses & ten guns

or twelve

black skies

hot velvet


grow grow

time flies & me with it

& now

I´ve got my wings

my feathers

some I picked up

in the gutter


in golden sand


From ‘Amore impossibile’




Kommentarer till: "HOW DID IT START…" (5)

  1. den var jättebra. lätt för mig att fatta utan bing med. synd du inmte diktar oftare..-.

    • Tack, Immanuel!
      Ja, det tycker jag också… vill, men jag har mycket annat som jag måste ta itu med nu… men det kommer…

  2. kristina karjel sa:

    Jag bara läser och tar in…läser flera gånger…då och då.Vingar,och fjädrar….


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